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A unique wine, with a production method that comes from afar.

To make Indelebile we replicated the Amarone production method, with totally manual harvesting and drying of the organic ancellotta grapes.

This allows us to obtain a concentration of polyphenols that makes Indelebile a unique wine. The roundness and fullness of flavour are due to the long ageing in oak barrels, which allows a superior level of refinement.

The aromaticity, with powerful notes of jam, vanilla, red fruits and toasted notes, is as intense as the colour, red, slightly garnet, with very vivid violet reflections.

On the palate, Indelebile has a surprising power, an intensity that disconcerts even experienced tasters. The intense tannicity is muted by a high alcohol content that gives a full volume that leaves the taster with great satisfaction, a true taste experience in every sip. This alchemy goes well with traditional Reggiana dishes and intensely flavoured dishes, from barbecued red meats to more mature cheeses.

Indelebile is the flagship of our company, born to prove, first and foremost to ourselves,

Ancellotta is much more than a grape variety used to cut and improve other wines, it is a grape variety that is able to express itself to the full in a wine born of an oenological reinterpretation that combines tradition and innovation. yes, a grape variety that is well known for its red blending wines, but with an oenological reinvention it lends itself to multiple interpretations.

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