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The oenological truth of IMPOSSIBILE is the Ripasso Method, that means that the fermentation on the pomace of Indelebile grapes wich give an incredible fullness and taste. That alllow us to have a powerful strength of tannins and an Intense taste and bouquet.
The notes are of red little fruits, like rasperry, bluberries and other small fruits, mixed with the barrel ageing process, so Vanilla and toasted parfums that will warm your heart.


Impossibile is produced organically respecting the integrity of the grape and its components, this combined with the high polyphenol content allows its organoleptic characteristics to remain stable over time.


​Impossibile is a medium power wine that is excellent for Aperitivo, and pasta with wild boar , ragu' or Bolognese Lasagna. It is also reccomended with cheeses, and grilled meat.
The medium Body of Impossibile is very flexible for all kind of meals while some time to enjoy friends and loves of your life.


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