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No way this Lambrusco is possible!

Our Lambrusco is so intense that it doesn't really seem to be a Lambrusco and yet it is! This wine of ours is produced by fermenting the organic must on the marc of our Passito Indelebile, in this way we are able to further exploit the incredible quality of Ancellotta's dried grapes.

Thanks to this production technique, typical of Ripasso, we are able to obtain a wine with a structure and an olfactory and organoleptic intensity unlike any other Lambrusco.

The nose has an aroma of red fruits, marc and spices, typical of Metodo Ripasso wines. The taste develops a good tannicity that is never aggressive and leads to a medium volume of flavour. The colour is intense and typically purplish.

Excellent in combination with meat-based first courses and with main courses based on game or white meat. Also very pleasant as an aperitif, for example to accompany tastings of Parmigiano Reggiano.

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