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Our Balsamic Vinegar is capable of enhancing flavours of Italian cuisine.

Appreciated for its taste structure, which it is able to give to any recipe, balsamic vinegar has a truly eclectic flavour, making it perfect for important pairings as well as for quick, unpretentious preparations.

By discovering it little by little, we will no longer be able to do without it to make creamy risottos with a rounded flavour, and fresh or mouth-watering desserts. Perfect for gourmet dishes, it is preferably used when the dishes are cooked, so as not to waste the rich heritage of flavours and aromas that make it unique.

Our balsamic vinegar is special, you can already tell by its deep purple colour, and it is the result of years of experimentation that continues to this day. The production process is long and the maturation in barriques, which previously housed our Indelebile wine, is indispensable to obtain the special taste sensation that distinguishes it. Our vinegar is low in acid, rather sweet and very pleasant on the palate. It contains no added sugar and is made only from grapes of the Ancellotta variety, a characteristic that makes it extremely digestible and appreciated by young and old alike.

The very limited acidity is never invasive and makes it perfect with fresh vegetables, meat and why not, even fruit.

Balsamic vinegar can be used raw, or added after cooking, especially if it is used to enhance the flavour of red meat, grilled fish or pork.

A few drops are enough to add flavour to dishes and enrich them with its unmistakable deep purple colour. We recommend you try it on a risotto with Parmesan cheese, you will be delighted!

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